April 27th 2024

serial experiments lain (1998)

Today I watched quite a few episodes of several anime. To start off, I continued watching serial experiments lain. I've always put off watching lain to the end, somehow getting distracted every single time I tried, but today I was determined to finish it. And I did! But I also took a few breaks in between episodes to watch other much more episodic anime... lol

Firstly, I caught up on the two most recent episodes of Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote. I never really planned on reading the manga, so I wanna stay tuned in on the anime. Fun fact, the voice actresses for the two main characters voice Kokoro Tsurumaki and Kanon Matsubara in Bandori! It's kind of fun to listen to their performances as someone that enjoys the shipping aspect of Bandori quite a bit.

After that, I switched over to some Osomatsu-san. I had it in the background while I played Yume Nikki, which is a funny experience considering how chaotic Osomatsu-san is. Definitely not an anime you want playing while you do homework, let me tell you that. Not much to comment on here... Osomatsu-san is Osomatsu-san. It's fun and I don't have many strong opinions on it or the episodes I watched (listened to?) today.

I got a little bored of just listening to Osomatsu-san in the background, and decided to pick up Lucky Star. I remember watching Lucky Star in 2019 (and being totally in love with Miyuki. Curse my megane love) but I always struggled to pick it back up afterwards. It's really fun, though! It's visually pleasing and genuinely funny.

And then we finally got back to lain! It's a beautiful anime, really. Despite my struggles with ever finishing it in the past, I really liked watching it. I put it in my favorite anime list on anilist. I'll see if I can check out any more anime similar to it!